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1. Increase & Accelerate Your Cash Flow: The ICF (Instant Cash Flow) solution puts you in control. You decide when you get paid. The pre-authorized checks can be produced for immediate sales and implemented effortlessly on all recurring invoicing services or products.
2. It's A Win-Win Situation: The ICF solution benefits both you and your customer. You cannot afford the opportunity cost of forgone business growth, or the possibility that your clients who desire the convenience of auto-pay would find another provider who offers this service.
3. Improve Your Customer Service: Many customers will appreciate the convenience of pre-authorized checking account payments. No more late fees, lapsed memberships, or interrupted service.
4. Installment Plans & Recurring Billings: Our "silent payment" concept helps prevent account delinquency. You get paid when the installment is due, not a week later! Customers will appreciate the convenience of automatic payments - no more forgetting, ignoring, or worrying about past due accounts or service interruptions.
5. Mail Order, COD & Telephone Sales: With our system you can close those telephone sales immediately by drafting the customer's checking account.
6. Convert NSF Checks Into New Drafts: If you receive any NSF checks, you can contact the customer and with their consent reissue the payment to your company.
7. Reduce Billing & Invoicing Costs: Each and every draft produced by the ICF System will save your company money by reducing invoicing, mailing, bookkeeping, and all associated billing expenses.
8. In-House Collection: The ICF solution can be the perfect answer to the "age-old" excuse - "The check's in the mail."
9. Increase Customer Retention: Clients on an auto-pay type of system remain faithful customers in excess of 90% of the time.
10. The Ultimate Fund-Raising Tool: Members and donors can simply charge their checking accounts, instead of having to remember to mail a promised donation. This helps to eliminate the "fallout factor" of fund-raising.